Each programme we offer is bespoke to your individual goals and needs. To help you achieve these we provide the following broad categories.

Strength & ConditioningStrength & Conditioning

Sport specific training to help develop your strength, power, flexibility, balance, speed and injury robustness.

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Endurance & StaminaEndurance & Stamina

Improving your fitness levels so you can last longer when it matters.

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Making sure that you’re eating the right things at the right times for your training and competition.

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Designing a drinks strategy that is specific to your sweat rate and electrolyte loss.

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the concept the concept

The concept of the Lab is to provide a comprehensive facility where athletes of all standards and disciplines can get access to the very best treatment, equipment and advice to improve their performance or get help to achieve personal goals.

owen Vo2 Max Assessment

Improving human performance is not about just one element, not about one discipline of medicine, sport science or one type of therapy. It is about many and the holistic approach will ensure the optimum outcome. By talking to you, measuring and assessing you, we are able to find out an awful lot about you and then decide on a programme of improvement, injury prevention or performance maintenance.

location location

The Lab is located in the beautiful market town of Oswestry on the North Shropshire/North Wales Borders. We are just over an hour from Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham by road. Why not make a short holiday of your trip to the Lab and enjoy some of the best hill walking, climbing, cycling, canoeing to name but a few of the activities that are right on our doorstep.

We are able to provide a range of accommodation locally from B&B, to conventional hotels, Spa Hotels and Luxury Boutique Hotels hidden away.

The Lab is part of the Malthouse, a beautifully restored former Maltings which retains many of the period features of the original building. The high windows to prevent theft of Barley also means that it is secure and safe from prying eyes.

We are also able to provide secure garaged
parking on site.

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