the concept the concept

In an ideal world we would begin performance benchmarking at the earliest opportunity in an athletes professional career. The aim being to build up a longitudinal profile of an athletes performance characteristics and build in performance targets and injury prevention strategies using advanced techniques and expert clinicians.

This can be done in tandem with club medical services or as a stand alone service.

This is particularly important for continuity of care for a player who may move from club to club, often abroad and has the requirement for ownership of medical and performance data.

When a move is on the cards, a player wants a move away from a club, a player is out of contract, a player is trying to get back into the game, this kind of information provides documentary evidence from a company that every medical department within English football trusts to provide a high quality service.

benefits benefits

Athletes require specialist care throughout their career and beyond into retirement. This includes preventative maintenance in the form of injury prevention strategies that are not only for the body but also the mind to bring about total wellness.

An athlete that is injured less has more value, an athlete that recovers better and more quickly from injury has a higher value, an athlete that has been well looked after has a longer should have a longer career.

how it workshow it worksd

Your clients join us for a minimum of a year. This will involve a 6hr initial assessment and then 3hr assessments at 3 monthly intervals.

Most assessments take place with an athlete lying down on an examination couch. Not here. Although standard examination protocols are followed, we examine athletes when they are exercising. This gives us dynamic information on joint loading, motion and function as well as exercise capacity.

Athletes undergo baseline assessment including sports physician consultation, physiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, cardiac screening, strength and performance testing. We also undertake cutting edge, metabolic, biomechanic and motion analysis studies that give precise information on how the body functions when it is moving.

Your client then has a folder of medical and performance testing information that is theirs.

what happens next what happens next

We agree performance or maintenance targets to keep the athlete on track until the next appointment. Telephone support or drop in advice is available when and where needed.

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