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As a discipline of sports medicine, Cardiology screening seeks to ensure that competitors are free of cardiac disease that could cause harm or death to themselves or others. Cardiac or heart disease is not just limited to the elderly. Many people will recall the death of Marc Vivien-Foe during a CONCAF match broadcast live to a worldwide audience of millions.

Many professional sporting bodies insist on cardiology screening being undertaken before athletes are allowed to compete.

Below the age of 35, we would look to exclude cardiomyopathies and electrophysiological disorders. Above the age of 35 we would look to also exclude signs of acquired heart disease.

what’s involvedwhats involved

We offer a sports cardiology screening package which includes;

  • Resting 12 lead ECG (electrodes on the chest to record the electrical activity of the heart)
  • Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Pre-Participation screening questionnaire
  • Echocardiogram (ultrasound examination of the heart)

All reports are overseen and reported by a Consultant Cardiologist who has a specialisation in Sports Cardiology. Other Investigations you may wish to add;

  • Exercise ECG
  • Metabolic Gas exchange test (VO2 Max Test)
  • Blood test

what happens next what happens next

What Happens to my results?

One of our team of experienced physiologists will ask you to contact them at a time to suit you to go over the results, what they mean.

All our data is held securely on our cloud based technology, meaning it is secure and backed up.

What Happens if something is wrong with my results?

We will speak to you (and your GP on your behalf if you wish) and we can provide advice and guidance on getting the most appropriate referral to a specialist.

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