The CRYOLIGHT® cold therapy helps with acute and chronic pain.

Available to hire, purchase or used as part of treatments within PML The Lab.

Chronic pain has an enormous impact on the quality of life. The regular and expert application of CRYOLIGHT® cryotherapy at the clinic or at home can be a way of avoiding this.

CRYOLIGHT® is easy and safe to use.

Treatment is extremely short and can be carried out by trained practice staff. All units are very easy to use. With modern measuring sensors and shut-down mechanism, CRYOLIGHT® fulfils the highest expectations of operating convenience and safety.

CRYOLIGHT® is beneficial for patient and doctor.

The patient benefits from the short stay at the clinic and there are no long waiting times. For the doctor, the procurement costs are amortised in a correspondingly short period of time.

CRYOLIGHT® - Professional sport, high-performance sport + leisure sport

CRYOLIGHT® provides the optimum on-the-spot aid. CRYOLIGHT® is easy to carry and is used on the go in competitions and training for both professional and amateur athletes. Depending on the injury, the athlete is free from pain and ready to go again in just a few seconds.

CRYOLIGHT® has proved its worth in sports centres and on playing fields, in sporting clinics and sport rehab establishments, in fitness centres, sport hotels and professional clubs.

CRYOLIGHT® mobile is uniquely light and manageable and can therefore be safely used as the sole cold therapy unit on the go at any location.

CRYOLIGHT® also works precisely and reliably in high-stress situations thanks to the unique sensor. The skin temperature is measured directly at the treatment point and the unit is switched off automatically at the right time when the specified treatment distance is maintained.

"One can no longer imagine acute therapy without cold shock units", says Dr. med. Jürgen Fritz, team doctor of the WALTER Tigers in Tübingen.

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