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Sports Physicians are in a unique position to be the first point of contact for medical and musculoskeletal injures for accurate diagnosis, imaging and co-ordinated treatment plans with other clinical specialities.

Sports & Musculoskeletal Physicians are ideal physicians for non-athletes as well, and are an excellent resource for individuals who wish to become active or begin an exercise program.

For the “weekend warrior” or “industrial athlete”, the same expertise used for the competitive athletes can be applied to return the individual as quickly as possible to full function.

“You Don’t Have To Be A Professional Athlete To Be Treated Like One”

what’s involvedwhats involved

An initial consultation may be requested or you may be referred to one of the sports medicine physicians by other members of our team.

As with any medical consultation, the first appointment would be a physical examination and history taking with further assessment of the injured or affected area. A treatment plan would be discussed with you and you may be referred back to the conditioning team, physiotherapy team or discharged.

what happens next if somethings wrong

What if something is really wrong with me will a sports doctor be able to spot it?

Sports injury Physicians are all qualified doctors but have undergone specialist training to gain experience and qualifications in sports medicine.

Can my GP refer me to a sports physician?

That would depend on the services your primary care organisation has in place, your local GP surgery will be able to tell you this.

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