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Whether you compete in the longer steady state exercises of running and cycling to the more ‘stop-start’ sports of football and hockey, The Lab offers you the opportunity to find our exactly how fit you are by using Gold Standard tests such as VO2max testing and Blood Lactate Profiling, to ensure that you can train at a level which is specific to and your fitness.

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Depending on your discipline we would perform detailed investigations such as VO2, metabolic and lactate testingon either a bike or a treadmill. From these results we are able to produce a comprehensive training program which can take you all the way from your training till the competition day, making sure that by the time you reach the start line you are in the best shape possible. The tests can provide you with specific heart rate training zones and training intensities which can help structure and improve your training methods to another level, as without having these tests there is simply no accurate way of knowing how to train.

Our team have worked with a number of professional and amateur level athletes across a wide range of sports, helping them get fitter, stronger and quicker. Whether your goal is to improve your marathon time or increase your performance on the hills during a cycling event, The Lab can provide expert advice and support which you can take into your training and competition.

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Upon completion of the tests, we offer a number of packages to ensure that you get the best advice available. Additionally, once you start your training plan, our team will be available to support you at every step with additional tips and advice on hand when needed. Additionally, during your visit to The Lab you may be interested in pushing your performance even that little bit further by taking advantage of our strength and conditioning and nutrition services.

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