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The Precision Hydration sweat test and range of H2Pro Hydrate drinks allow you to first understand exactly what you are losing in your sweat and secondly replace your losses as accurately as possible.

Human sweat varies considerably (8 fold) from person to person in terms of the amount of sodium it contains. Add to this the wide range of sweat rates found in different people and it is possible to see a 15 x difference in net sodium loss between people in a given period of time.

Accurate replacement of what you as an individual are losing leads to better hydration and enhanced mental and physical performance. Until recently this was only available to a handful of elite athletes who had access to physiologists and nutritionists able to quantify their sweat losses and make tailored drinks especially for them. The Precision Hydration sweat test and H2Pro Hydrate drinks mean that it is now available to you too and the benefits to performance are significant.

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A sweat test takes just 45 minutes to complete and does not require you to exercise. Sweating is induced chemically on a small patch of your forearm and a sample collected for immediate analysis. At the end of the session you will receive your own hydration strategy document explaining the results and how you can optimise your hydration using H2Pro Hydrate products. As your sweat sodium content is genetically determined you only need to take the test once and you know your number for life.

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H2Pro Hydrate drinks are available in different strengths containing 250, 500, 1000 and 1500mg of sodium per litre respectively. H2Pro Hydrate 250 is an ideal background hydration drink for all active people; you then use either 1 or 2 of the stronger varieties when exercising hard and sweating heavily to accurately replace what you are losing. The right combination for you is specified in your hydration strategy report. All of the drinks all delivered in the form of effervescent tablets that mix quickly and cleanly into 500ml of water. They contain virtually no calories and have a light, refreshing flavour that is palatable whether you are drinking it between training sessions or exercising.

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