Achieving maximum sporting performance requires considerate and accurate profiling of an individualís physiological needs that are specific to their characteristics and sport. Depending on the sport this can be achieved through many different tests.

Most commonly used tests are VO2 max, lactate profiling, exercise economy, peak power output, and specific blood markers.

The Lab offers body composition analysis and hydration assessment as well as being able to provide access to a heat chamber facility, ensuring that we can offer a solution to any of your requirements.

The Lab can provide advice on recovery strategies and training methods, to help you understand how to monitor your training and fatigue, allowing you to get the most out of your training to improve performance and recovery.

Following data gathering and assessment, PMLís experienced staff will provide comprehensive reports and training plans tailored to your exact requirements to help you reach your goals, whether it be training for a marathon, or improving sprint ability in the final straight of a cycling race. Our ability to have multifactoral input from our expert scientific and clinical staff means that we can deliver a holistic service.
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