Understanding sports science and human performance

This sports science demonstration is delivered in a leading sports science and human performance centre, which is used by elite athletes every week. Aimed at students studying for A-Level PE or sports science at college, you will be given a guided tour of the facilities at PML The Lab,. You will benefit from demonstrations on how the world-leading technology can support amateur and professional athletes to achieve their optimum performance and rehabilitate from injury. The interactive session will be tailored to your syllabus and you'll have a chance to use the leading technologies.

You'll have the chance to talk to our specialist clinicians and sports and exercise staff to improve your understanding of how sports medicine plays a vital role in sports and human performance.

What's involved?

  • Tour of the Lab facilities
  • Showcase state-of-the-art equipment and how it works
  • A choice of two and a half hours of practical sessions linked to your syllabus
  • including:
    • VO2max Demonstration (60 minutes)
    • Blood Lactate Collection (30 minutes)
    • Body Composition Assessment (30 minutes)
    • Plyometric Training Session (30 minutes)
    • Stretching, Technique and Prehabiliation (30 minutes)
    • Interactive Strength and Conditioning Session (60 minutes)

Cost: 29 + VAT per student (group rate)

Duration: Three and a half hours
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