As a result of our continuing research into back pain, Springback has developed a radically new management system and treatment incorporating innovative ideas and new technology.

We can and do resolve cases of debilitating chronic back pain that have persisted for many years.

We publish here proof of the systematic resolution of such cases, and a link to the Spinal Surgery News Study of the results achieved at Springback, with kind permission.

We also publish here the methodology for getting the epidemic of bad backs under control.

Our objectives are:

  • To give hope to people who have suffered years of debilitating chronic back pain, and to give them the key to recovery.
  • To warn people with moderate symptoms, people who may well end up on the road to disability, and to show them how to make a prompt and lasting recovery.
  • To encourage physicians and healthcare managers to halt and reverse the epidemic of bad backs by changing the way back pain is managed.
  • To encourage journalists and scientists to challenge what we are achieving here, and to question the way that back pain is managed elsewhere.

Back problems and neck problems such as sciatica, neck pain, shoulder problems, lower back pain, upper back pain, bad backs, neck injuries, chronic back pain etc. Many of our patients have had long-standing chronic back problems that we have been able to resolve. Backpain sufferers from Shropshire, Mid Wales, the Midlands, all over the UK, Europe, and America visit our clinic.
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